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September 2018 • Table of Contents

Make like a tree and leave. Set out for some of the Northeast’s best autumn experiences with inspiration from this issue of Your AAA Magazine. We highlight road trips and outdoor activities to make the most of the season. On your travels, you can sample some delicious fall dishes from AAA Diamond Rated restaurants, or try some recipes in your own kitchen. There’s lots more you can do at home, too. We have information on upkeep and other important matters. Start reading.


Cape Breton in Fall

An autumn itinerary that encompasses some of our greatest hits of travel experiences for a family road trip to the Maritime Provinces.

As a parent of three grown children, I still remember when each of them got a driver’s license. I was happy for them and knew how excited they were about this new level of independence. I also felt the fear of letting them behind the wheel on their own.

Rest stops are crossroads, places where travelers from all over America – and all over the world – cross paths on their way to or from a final destination. They are intersections not just of journeys, but of cultures, languages, ways of living and enjoying life.

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