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drowsy driving

How to Avoid Drowsy Driving on a Road Trip

Drowsy driving is just as dangerous as driving while drunk.

best smile

Routine Maintenance

The point of a healthy routine is that you do it every day. There’s value in keeping up with your healthy routines while traveling.

selfie safety

Snapping Selfies Safely

Distraction is a major cause for selfie-related accidents. Don’t risk it all for the shot.

how to sanitize

Keep It Clean: Expert Tips on How to Sanitize

Is it more effective to wash your hands or the surfaces you are touching? Learn how to sanitize and disinfect the right way.

how to sanitize

Walk This Way

Return from heavy walking trips with only memories, not blisters, as souvenirs.

how to sanitize

Workation Relaxation

A working vacation may sound like an oxymoron, but both fun and productivity are possible.

how to travel with food allergies

How to Travel With Food Allergies

Giving thought to how to travel with food allergies, especially when venturing abroad, can help travelers avoid allergic reactions.

Thrive On Your Travels: Middlesex

Thrive on Your Travels

Feel great before, during and after your trip with a bit of health-conscious prep.

Live Well: Stay Grounded

Stay Grounded

How to keep your cool during the unexpected delays and diversions of air travel.

Live Well: Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight

A good night’s sleep while traveling starts with the right hotel mattress.

Breathe Easier

Breathe Easier

What you can do to protect yourself when traveling to areas where air pollution is high.

Keeping A clean Hotel Room

Keeping a Clean Hotel Room

Housekeeping does the hard work. Maintaining a germ-free stay is up to you.

Under Pressure

Under Pressure

In-air health starts with well grounded self-care.


Spread Joy, Not Germs, While Traveling

Bites, bugs and viruses can turn a great vacation into a dud. Here’s how to avoid infections while traveling.

Stress free holiday

Here’s to Stress-Free Holidays

As you’re planning your holiday travel, how about planning not to be stressed? The key to staying chill during this most-traveled season is a solid routine that starts a year in advance, according to stress-reduction expert Kimberly Palm, aka the Stress-Free Travel Diva. So, during this year’s holiday gathering, start planning – and booking transportationRead More

cruise vacations

What Causes Motion Sickness on Cruise Vacations?

Some of us experience an unpleasant sensation when at sea. Read on to find out why and how we can make our cruise vacations easier on ourselves.

cold myths

Cold & Flu Falsehoods

Holiday travel season and cold-and-flu season are upon us and, for many, the two go hand in hand. “Around the holidays, people have to travel, sick or well,” said Dr. Nina Shapiro, author of “Hype: A Doctor’s Guide to Medical Myths, Exaggerated Claims and Bad Advice.” That puts a lot of contagious people in closeRead More

Drinking water

Feeling Tired and Cranky? You Might Be Dehydrated

Staying properly hydrated during travel isn’t always easy, but it is important. If you find that you’re not feeling well, you may just need a glass of water.

Applying sunscreen

The Skinny on Sunscreen

As you ponder sprays, sticks, lotions and gels with various UV levels and ingredients, there are a few key things you should know about sunscreen.


Skincare Secrets for Travelers

Dermatologist-recommended tips to help you put your best face forward wherever you go.