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Homeowners Coverage When Lightning Strikes

Damages caused by lightning, as well as subsequent fires, are covered by nearly all homeowners insurance policies.

most fuel efficient cars

The Most Fuel-Efficient Cars Worth Considering

You can spend your extra gas money elsewhere when you purchase one of these fuel-efficient car options.

china tours

10 Things to Know About China Tours and Traveling

The only way to truly understand this foreign nation for yourself is to immerse yourself in the culture.

asia vacation

8 Amazing Chinese Food Regions

Take your taste buds on a trip as we explore Chinese regional cuisines.

budget for new homeowners

8 Budgeting Tips for New Homeowners

Purchasing a house is a huge expense but the spending doesn’t stop there. Having a budget will help with the costs that come with building a home.

save money summer

18 Ways to Save Money While Enjoying Your Summer

Don’t burn all your money in the summer heat. Spend and save wisely, without sacrificing fun.

travel and save

How to Travel and Save Serious Money at the Same Time

Savvy travelers not only get more enjoyment out of their vacations – they’re able to do so for less money.

pool landscaping

Pool Landscaping: How Does Homeowners Insurance Fit in?

With new pool landscaping comes increased liability. Learn how to protect yourself from the potential risks involved before diving in.

daily expense tracking

Daily Expense Tracking to Avoid Busting Your Budget

Stay on top of tracking your daily expenses and you’ll never have to wonder where your last paycheck went again.

Thailand tours

Thailand Tours Bring You Siam’s Best Beaches

Are you looking for a beachy getaway on your trip to Asia? On these Thailand tours, you’ll get the beaches your dreams are made of.