10 of the Most Instagrammable Foods in the Country

Eating for the ‘gram? These picture-perfect instagrammable foods were made to be shared (on social media, of course).
instagrammable foods

Instagram has single-handedly changed the way Americans share their food. With hashtags like #eatingfortheinsta and #foodie, the social media platform has millions of food posts to explore. While many Instagrammable foods have earned their status by being regional classics or totally unique creations, some restaurants are creating visually appealing and over-the-top dishes with the intent to get more snap-happy customers in the door – and their name out in the world.

If you like to take pictures of your food, these dishes are guaranteed to get you likes. That is, if you can hold off on eating them until you get the perfect shot, or are willing to wait on line, a la the godfather of all Instagrammable foods, the cronut.

North River Lobster Company’s Lobster Roll

Let us start this off by saying North River Lobster Company serves a 28-inch lobster roll on a boat. If that combo doesn’t check all your Instagrammable food goals, what will? So, hop on board New York City’s only floating lobster shack to snap a pic and devour the Shelley lobster roll. Equivalent to six individual lobster rolls, we’d recommend sharing this colossal sandwich with a group. Instagrammers can also pair the roll with a signature 64-ounce fishbowl to complete their insta-worthy post.


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Voodoo Doughnut 

Not only does Oregon’s Voodoo Doughnut have everyday Instagrammable donuts, like their signature jelly-filled voodoo dolls or the tie-dyed Easy Kesey Lemon Peasy, they also take pre-orders for any customizable doughnut you can imagine. Think characters from your favorite show (hello, “Game of Thrones”) and celebrities galore (oh hey, Oprah). They even hold the record for the world’s largest box of donuts. These epic video game controllers in doughnut form gained 7,000 likes on Instagram! Their social empire has grown a following of more than 150K, waiting for the next Insta-craze to ogle over.


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Kari Gogo Cheese Bread 

Say cheese! Kari Gogo is a casual counter service restaurant in the Alberta Arts District of Portland, Oregon, that’s known for its unique Georgian food. Pictured here is a traditional Acharuli Khachapuri (Georgian cheese bread) that is one of the most Instagrammable foods at the restaurant. The open-faced bread boat is topped with cheese, butter and an egg that oozes all over your plate.

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Wailau Shave Ice 

What started in Hawaii as a small family-owned shave ice company has now expanded to Oregon and California. The treats at Wailau Shave Ice melt in your mouth, and they are the prettiest ice creations we’ve ever seen. Pictured is ube flavor (purple yam), a sweet and salty flavor with toasted coconut on top. They have specials every month, keeping consumers coming back for more Instagrammable delights. But act quickly – these masterpieces melt fast!


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Hell’s Kitchen’s Bloody Mary

Move over, mouth-watering pastry and gooey dripping cheese dishes, cocktails are having a moment too. Minneapolis’ Hell’s Kitchen offers a DIY meal-in-a-drink, called the Jacked Up Bloody Mary Bar, where you can topple specialty olives, cheeses, bacon, chicken wings, peppers, dozens of other garnishes and your choice of 242 types of hot sauce on top of your drink. Available on weekends, this hot spot even has Insta-friendly backdrops for some #foodintheair action.


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Signature’s La Mandarine 

Almost too pretty to eat, the La Mandarine dessert at Signature restaurant at LA Cantera Resort & Spa in San Antonio was a Insta hit as soon as it stepped onto the scene. Composed of tangerine mousse, lemon supreme “caviar”, mint marmalade, a white chocolate shell and almond cake, it looks like a fruit but it’s a cake. Magic! Insta-tip: Get your Boomerang skills ready for the moment of the reveal.


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SafeHouse’s Mission Impossible Burger

The burger is a popular Instagammable food, partly because it’s an American favorite but also because you can stack it as high as possible with just about anything in between. Case in point: The Mission Impossible Burger at Safehouse, an espionage-themed bar and restaurant in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. Composed of 15 burger patties layered with cheddar, American and pepper jack cheeses, who wouldn’t want to show it off?


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The Skylark’s Frosé Your Way

Who knew that frosé (frozen rosé) with candy could make for such a gorgeous still life? The view at NYC’s Skylark’s rooftop doesn’t hurt the shot, either. Rosé lovers can customize their favorite drink with unique toppings like gummy bears, edible flowers and miniature marshmallows. Photos of these pink creations get thousands of likes.


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Fat Rice’s Chicago-style Hot Dog Bun

The James Beard-winning chefs at Chicago’s Fat Rice have put a literal twist on the standard hot dog with their Chicago-style hot dog bun. The traditional Chinese bun is made with Vienna beef hot dogs and includes all the fixings of a classic Chicago hot dog – neon green relish, celery salt, poppy seeds, pickled sport peppers, tomatoes, onions, mustard and never ketchup!


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Barton G.’s Cotton Candy Dessert

It would be a crime not share this life-size Marie Antoniette-inspired cotton candy dessert on Instagram. Barton G., often recognized as one of the most photogenic restaurants in the world, with locations in Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago, is known for its extravagant presentations. This 4-foot cotton candy pompadour atop a mannequin head is just one example of their impressive creations.

Do you share your food on social media? Tell us which instagrammable foods have gotten you the most likes in the comments below.

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