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Best Meditation and Mindfulness Apps

Find your Zen with these mind-clearing apps.

mindfulness apps

Getting your Om on in today’s hectic world can be challenging. Finding time to meditate, exercise or just be mindful can be tough. Luckily for those looking to meditate or practice mindfulness, there are several apps for that. Read on to discover apps that will help meditators of all levels achieve peace of mind and relaxation as well as deal with issues such as sleep, relationships and fitness.

Many of these apps have a free initial download; however, users will have to pay to unlock special features and programs.

Apps for Overall Zen


Great for beginners, this app’s interface is structured, friendly and easy, offering users access to classes dealing with issues such as stress, sleep and pain management. It features meditations of different lengths, including quick meditations for when you’re short on time or just need a quick boost. The app also offers exercises dealing with topics like stress and anxiety, falling asleep, waking in the morning and personal growth. Additionally, there are meditations catered toward children of different age ranges, as well as great SOS sessions to help restore calm in the moment for those users who experience panic and anxiety. To get started, the Basics course is free and offers an introduction to the essential ground rules of meditation.

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Calm is a good choice for the more experienced meditators. The app offers a plethora of ambient music, instructional videos and individual exercises. The mindfulness and meditation sessions offer something for everyone, ranging from focus and concentration to breaking habits to forgiveness and self-esteem. Calm’s Sleep Stories provides over 100 guided imagery bedtime stories, some read by celebrities such as Matthew McConaughey and Bob Ross.


Breethe centers on helping users gain quality sleep with special sleep music, breathing exercises, nature soundscapes, guided bedtime and inspirational readings and hypnotherapy. The meditations range in subject matter, length and desired outcome and beginners can start with a 12-week program that will teach them the ins and outs of meditation as they progressively advance. The gentle alarm clock and morning meditations help users get the most out of their morning routine. And, perhaps the most unique feature is the mindfulness program for kids and teens.

Apps Catered to You


What’s super cool about this app is that upon opening it, it asks users to check in with how they’re feeling and then recommends certain meditation and mindfulness exercises tailored to their emotional state. Features include guided mediations, journaling, and yoga and acupressure videos. The app allows users to track their check-ins and therefore map their feelings, stressors and emotions. Recommended for both new and experienced meditators.


The magic of Buddhify is that users don’t have to schedule their meditation; they do it when it is convenient for them, whether they are taking a break at work, going for a walk, eating a meal or traveling. With meditations ranging from 3-40 minutes, there’s something for every time availability and meditation level, ranging from beginner to advanced. Users can upgrade with the Buddhify Membership to unlock more meditation features.


Omvana is another great meditation app that provides users with guided meditations led by experts. It also allows users to link with the HealthKit program to help identify stress levels and recommends certain meditations based on your mood. Users can also choose their own background music to further customize their experience.

mindfulness apps

Apps From Experts and Those Who Have Been There

10% Happier

This app is based on the book by the same name by news anchor Dan Harris, who famously had a panic attack on the air. Harris narrates the app taking listeners on a guide through his learnings on meditation, which has helped him manage his emotions. Self-described as “designed for skeptics,” the app uses videos and guided meditations designed to make meditation easy and accessible. There’s information on relating mindfulness to everyday activities and interactions, such as relationships and work, as well as exercises of different lengths to help fit meditation into a busy day.

Meditation Studio

Gain access to over 500 guided meditations led by 50 knowledgeable instructors ranging from monks to life coaches with a download of this app. Meditations cover a variety of topics including sleep and stress and are customized for both beginner and experienced meditators. What’s cool about this app is that it features meditations catered toward different social groups, including kids, moms, entrepreneurs and even veterans.

Insight Timer 

This is a free meditation app that provides users access to guided meditations, advice from experts and access to discussion groups to expand users’ meditation communities. Users can practice different types of meditation through the app, including Zen and Buddhist mindfulness and join community groups with other members centered on topics like atheism, Christianity and even poetry. If desired, Insight Timer will also provide you with a gentle reminder when it’s time for your daily meditation.

Apps for Fitness Buffs


Glo (formally known as YogaGlo) focuses on yoga, Pilates and meditation exercises, allowing users to adopt an exercised based mindfulness practice in the comfort of their own home. The classes follow a program allowing users to start with the beginning basics of a topic, for example, emotional health or strength, and work their way toward more advanced classes as they grow. With professional instructors, it’s all the benefits of a yoga or Pilates studio from your own quiet, peaceful home.


MINDBODY blends mindfulness and fitness into one. Users are able to search fitness classes ranging from Pilates to yoga and barre to cycling, as well as wellness services ranging from meditation to massage and acupuncture to nutrition. The idea here is to heal the entire body through customizable fitness class searches and services.

What are your favorite meditation and mindfulness apps? Tell us in the comments!


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