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Ask These Questions Before Buying a Car

Do a Google search for the number of vehicles most people buy in a lifetime, and you’ll get numbers between six and 12.

Run another search for the number of vehicles salespeople move in a month, and you’ll get roughly the same figures.

This exercise illustrates the inherent disadvantage drivers face at dealerships.

Here are a few questions to ask that’ll help level the playing field.

Are there any rebates or incentives?

Some dealers may have better prices for recent college grads or repeat customers.

What is your best price?

Salespeople may drop the listed price to help close deals with hesitant buyers.

What’s the warranty?

New vehicles come with some kind of warranty. Find out exactly what it covers. A plan providing all routine maintenance for two years, for example, can represent a significant cost savings.

Has this car been in a crash, flood or fire?

This is more of a question for used vehicles. Ask whether the service history is available, too. A proper maintenance record can give you an idea what’ll cost to own the vehicle.

Can I have both keys?

Every car comes off the assembly line with two keys, but some used vehicles are sold with only one. Getting new keys made can be expensive, so ask upfront if the dealer has both.

Do I have to finance with the dealer to get the listed price?

Read the fine print on offers. The price you see some time may hinge upon financing the vehicle through the dealership at a higher-than-necessary rate.

What questions do you ask before buying a car? Tell us in the comments!

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