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The Pursuit of Happiness

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A Slice of Sunshine

Put fresh lemon into your water. It punches up the flavor and adds a dash of vitamin C!

Bird Is the Word

Bird-watching gets you closer to nature, keeps you mentally active and may even lower stress levels.

Sky’s the Limit

Stargazing can be peaceful and educational. Add some fun to your night by identifying various constellations.

Get Crafty

Always wanted to give jewelry making, scrapbooking or sewing a try? Now is the time to find a cool project and embrace your inner crafter.

Rise to the Occasion

Try out a new recipe. Baking is a creative and fun way to spend the afternoon – and the end result is deliciously rewarding. Need a new banana bread recipe?

Be a Kid Again

Embrace your inner child and play. Put up a tire swing, throw a ball around, blow some bubbles or hula-hoop – life is short, so have some fun.

DIY: Think Outside the Box

Take some time to upgrade or restore something in your home. A splash of paint and some creative thinking can go a long way.

Go With the Flow

A couple of simple yoga moves, such as Downward Facing Dog or Hero Pose, can help relax your mind, energize your body and increase flexibility. Take some time to flow through Sun Salutation for overall well-being.

Exercise…Your Brain!

Fun games like crosswords, word searches, jigsaws and other puzzles keep your mind occupied and focused, increasing concentration and reducing stress.

best news podcasts

Listen Up!

Whatever your interest, there’s a podcast that covers it. From history to sports, gardening and self-care, new episodes and shows keep cropping up to engage, educate and entertain you. Just explore, choose and listen.

How Sweet It Is

Indulge in dark chocolate. Studies suggest it may lower blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke – plus, it tastes good!

Find Your Green Thumb

From trees and flowers to your very own vegetable garden, planting is a great way to get fresh air and reduce stress. Research some ideas and come up with a plan – then go play in the dirt!

If You Want to Sing out, Sing Out

Singing releases endorphins, which makes you feel happier and more energized. So, pick your favorite song and give your vocal cords a thorough workout.

Breathe It In

Essential oils can bring out positive emotions! Lavender is calming, citrus is uplifting and peppermint is energizing. Dab on your wrist, or add a few drops to steaming water, the shower or a bath. Try a diffuser for your home or car.


Laughter relieves stress and benefits your mental health. Who doesn’t love a good chuckle? So, crack yourself (or someone else) up by cracking a joke. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

Escape With a Good Book

Try to fit reading into your daily routine. Reading can sharpen your vocabulary, lower stress levels and improve memory function. Curl up with a book and get lost in the story.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Make a list of places you’ve seen, and the places you want to visit. You will be flooded with good memories of past trips, and excited at the prospect of future adventures.

Put Kindness on Repeat

Say something positive about yourself (and someone else) every day. Write a positive note and hang it somewhere you can see. Being kind can brighten your day and help you stay positive.

meditation tips

Serenity Now

Meditation, even for just five minutes a day, can greatly reduce stress and anxiety levels. Relax, close your eyes – and simply breathe.

Cut a Rug

Not only is dancing fun and easy, it is also good for you! Dance is a great workout and can improve your mood. Make up your own moves or find an online tutorial and learn a specific routine. Swing. Hip-hop. Ballet. The options are endless.

Let It Out

Breathing is a part of life – it’s also an ideal way to help us relax. Start with inhaling a deep breath through your nose, holding it for a few seconds, then exhaling slowly through your mouth. This takes very little time, and best of all, it’s free!

Get out…of the House

Spending just a little time outside every day (especially near greenery) can improve your well-being and mood. Simply walk out of the door for a breath of fresh air – no exercise required.

Take a Video Break

The web seems to offer an unlimited supply of quick, hilarious and cute videos, from pets to blooper reels. Take a few minutes to watch something uplifting or funny.

Get Inspired

Read something uplifting each day. Whether it be a quote, poem or short story, find something that inspires you. Feeling creative? Try your hand at writing a poem or story of your own.

Sit Down for Afternoon Tea

Take a cue from our friends across the pond and relax with a cup (or cuppa). Many herbal teas offer health benefits, including green tea, which contains antioxidants. Why not add a sandwich or scone?

Sound Effects

Choose a soothing sound (many are available for free online) and listen. A gentle stream, a rain shower, a crackling fire, singing birds or beach waves – close your eyes and visualize your happy place.

Put on the Ritz

Wear your favorite outfit with confidence, especially if it’s bright or fancy There’s just something about putting on a gown or tux! You don’t need a special event to feel and look good.

Become One…With the Sun

Watch a sunrise – or sunset. Enjoy the beauty of the “golden hour” (the hour after the sun rises or the hour before the sun sets) to see the sky transform into a marvelous shade of yellow and orange.

What makes you happy? Tell us in the comments. 


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