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AAA Wishlist

Safety Gear You Need on the Road

August 06, 2021. Sarah Hopkins

What should you bring with you when you hit the road? Here’s some essential safety gear that might help on your next trip.


AAA School Safety Patrol Sparks Inspiring Career

March 05, 2021. AAA Staff

Karen Guilbeault started her extraordinary career by helping fellow students arrive and depart school safely.


Members Recall Days on AAA School Safety Patrol

March 02, 2021. Andrew Sheldon

In commemoration of the program’s 100th anniversary, AAA Northeast members look back fondly on their time as School Safety Patrollers.


How to Start a Walking School Bus Program

October 07, 2020. AAA Staff

October is National Pedestrian Safety Month and there’s no walk more important than the one from home to school. Here’s how to ensure your children arrive to school safely.


100 Years of the AAA School Safety Patrol Program

June 04, 2020. AAA Staff

AAA School Safety Patrol Program continues to build on its legacy of safety and leadership.