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The Amazon River

10 Daring Destinations Around the World for Adventure Seekers

1. New Zealand: The land of the Kiwis is almost synonymous with adventure. The world’s first zorbing site – where you roll down a hill inside a giant, transparent plastic

best asian countries to visit

The Best Asian Countries to Visit: Why is It So Safe to Travel to Singapore and Hong Kong?

When deciding on the best Asian countries to visit, consider Singapore and Hong Kong, some of the safest cities in Asia.

Mind Your Manners: Be Sure to Eat With Your Hands, Slurp Your Soup and Skip the Tip

Dining customs vary around the world. Here’s how to behave around the table in foreign lands.

Flavorful Forays: 10 Places Around the World Where You Must Try the Food

Every Anthony Bourdain wannabe knows that to truly experience a culture, you must experience its cuisine.

Awe-Inspiring Ireland

To someone unfamiliar with the depths of Irish culture, images of shamrocks and leprechauns and pints of green beer on St. Patrick’s Day might spring to mind. At least that

Beyond the Leis, Hawaii Truly Pops

Having been to almost every state in the USA – I’ll get to you one day, North Dakota – it dawned on me that I’d never been to Hawaii. Pop