Instagram-Worthy Walls of the Northeast

Whether you're looking to go on a day trip, a road trip or further explore your own state, there are plenty of selfie walls to help you capture your visit.
instagram-worthy wall

Taking pictures has always been a big part of traveling. Following the rise of social media in recent years, taking and sharing photos of your travels online has become nearly instinctual. Now it’s all about finding what is Instagram-worthy.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, it is the third most popular platform used by U.S. adults. Only Facebook and YouTube see more traffic, but both have been active much longer.

Whether you’re looking to go on a day trip, a road trip or further explore your own state, there are plenty of photo-ready murals and selfie walls to help you capture your visit.

For a unique piece of public art to match your mood or style or to simply peruse like an open-air gallery, check out these incredibly Instagram-worthy walls located across the Northeast.


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 ARCY’s murals — Wallingford, Conn.

Street artist Ryan “ARCY” Christenson’s works feature animals, celebrities, Disney/Pixar characters and more. He has created several semi-abstract, splatter-accented murals in Connecticut, but some of our favorites are in Wallingford, home to the tiger piece above.

Scuba Divers mural — New London, Conn. 

For a creative underwater scene that is totally Instagram-worthy, visit the mural on Homeward Bound Treasures at 35 Golden Street. New London also features a Wall-to-Wall mural walk where you can be guided to 16 unique murals in the area.

 “Small State Big Heart” mural — Hartford, Conn.

This geometric, pastel-colored mural is located on the side of Peppercorn’s Grill at 363 Main Street in Hartford. With these funky blocks of color as a backdrop, your selfie will pop.


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Artists & Craftsman Supply mural — Portland, Maine

The abstract color scale beautifying the Artists & Craftsman Supply store in Portland would make a crowd-pleasing Instagram wall. While you’re there, you could also pick up some supplies to make your own art wall back home.

“You Make Everything Grand” mural — Kittery, Maine

This former commercial building turned mural by artist Ryan Adams caused some controversy due to town codes, but artistry prevailed. The phrase “You Make Everything Grand” is hidden among the teal, pink, red, orange and black shapes of the work.


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“Domino Theory” mural — Boston, Mass.

Surround yourself with spots of color at this fun, Instagram-worthy mural at 510 Lincoln Street in Allston. It was created by artist Caleb Neelon.

Purple Cactus mural — Boston, Mass. 

On the side of The Purple Cactus burrito and wrap bar in Boston, you’ll find a vibrant mural featuring birds, flowers and intricate designs.

Underground Ink Block — Boston, Mass.

This urban park features a plethora of wall art in all kinds of colors and styles courtesy of numerous artists. The 8-acre, must-see underpass park is located at 90 Traveler Street.

Munroe Street murals— Lynn, Mass.

By traveling down Munroe Street in Lynn, Mass. you’ll find several murals, ranging from Georgia Hill’s black and white piece to Cey Adams’s colorful love wall.

Zukies mural — Lynn, Mass.

Pose with an entire cast of cute and colorful “Zukie” creatures in this mural found at 16 City Hall Square. The work was a collaboration between artists Miss Zuckie and JPO.


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New Hampshire

Nostalgia mural — Nashua, N.H.

This black and white mural captures scenes from classic films. On the side of the Chase Building that faces Main Street, you can take a selfie with the characters from “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “Gone with the Wind” or “The Three Stooges.”

Portsmouth Love Wall — Portsmouth, N.H.

For something industrial-looking, but still heartwarming, visit the Love Wall. This chain-link fence in Prescott Park overlooks the water and is decorated with locks featuring couples’ names, initials and notes.

Whaling Wall — Portsmouth, N.H.

The Whaling Wall outside the Vaughan Mall could use some love. Depicting the cool blues of the ocean and magnificent humpback whales, the mural has been a staple in the community since its creation in 1993. Groups have wanted to restore the mural but faced opposition because the building is privately-owned.


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New Jersey

 Summit Ave. mural — Jersey City, N.J.

This colorful, abstract mural scales the side of an 18-story building at 627 Summit Avenue in Jersey City. Painted by international artist MadC (Claudia Walde), this spectacle would make a stunning photo background.

“El Gran Sueño” (The Great Dream) mural — Jersey City, N.J.

This incredibly detailed mural by artist Asbel Gomez Dumpierre can be found outside the Key Food supermarket at 574 Jersey Avenue.

Boardwalk muralsAsbury Park, N.J.

You’ll find plenty of places to take Instagram-worthy pictures along the Asbury Park boardwalk. There’s a pair of beautiful baby blues in “Mermaid Eyes” by Thiago Valdi, a giant winged seahorse in “Havhest” by Mike Shine, a cool black and white piece called “Boombox Saint” by Dylan Egon and many more.


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New York

Multicolor Flowers mural  NoLita, N.Y.

Stretching around the John Fluevog Shoes store at 250 Mulberry Street is a patterned, multi-colored mural of flowers. It was created by artist Jet Martinez.

Ombre Wall — Dumbo, N.Y.

Located on York Street between Adams and Washington, this rainbow ombre mural is a sight to behold. Showcasing a range of colors smoothly transitioning from one to the next, the abstract artwork asks for a photo op.

The Bowery mural — Bowery, N.Y.

For something exciting and a bit mysterious, check out the Bowery Mural at 76 East Houston Street. This frequently changing mural has featured a variety of artistic styles and stretches across a long wall just off the street corner.

Rainbow Hearts/Love walls — New York, N.Y.

If you’re looking to pose in front of a colorful collage of hearts, there are several spots in NYC that could fit the bill. There’s a wall of layered, rainbow-colored hearts in SoHo and a large heart made of smaller ones in the East Village, as well as several others.

First Street Green Art Park — East Village, N.Y.

Check out the Street Garden on 33 East 1st Street for a collection of murals splashed across two walls. This is a prime spot for finding an Instagram wall since it includes such a variety of art. There’s Hektad’s “I Choose Love” mural mixed in with graffiti and other works.


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 Magic Gardens—Philadelphia, Pa.

The ornamental, tiled walls and floors of Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens at 1020 South Street are a sight to behold. Tickets are required to enter, but if you’re in the need of a good selfie, the Gardens offer plenty of top-notch opportunities.

Electric Light mural — Philadelphia, Pa.

Bask in the glow of neon lights at this electrifying mural on Percy Street in South Philly. Snapping a picture here will surely light up your Instagram.

Front Street walls — Philadelphia, Pa.

For a wide array of murals from a variety of artists, check out the collection of decorated walls on Front Street.


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Rhode Island

#WhatLiftsYou mural — Cranston, R.I.

Artist Kelsey Montague has created murals across the U.S. and the around the world. From wings in Pittsburgh, Penn. and NYC to balloons in Boston and now a pair of arms in Cranston, R.I., her work is so Instagrammable because it asks to be interacted with.

South Side Selfie wall —Providence, R.I.

You can find some beautiful, multi-colored wings at the intersection of Broad and Wickham Streets. This work came to be thanks to The Avenue Concept and is one of many public art pieces beautifying the city of Providence.

“Graffiti Dragon” mural — Providence, R.I.

This color-packed mural on the back of a Chinese marketplace on Rice Street was a collaboration between artist Swerve One and others. It features a silvery-blue dragon surrounded by colorful bursts of graffiti.


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 Colorful Silos — Burlington, Vt.

These two 32-foot silos sit near Pine Street in downtown Burlington. The colorful, geometric paintjob by artist and muralist Mary Lacy clearly pops.

Tapna Yoga mural — Burlington, Vt. 

This mural by artist Clark Derbes features abstract boxes of color, some of which look a little 3D. The work is on the south-facing wall of Tapna Yoga at 257 Pine Street.

Nature mural — Milton, Vt.

This lovely mural is located on the side of Milton Gardener’s Supply warehouse. Featuring a giant butterfly, hummingbird and flowers, artist Sarah Rutherford painted this mural for the Milton Artists’ Guild.

Alchemist Brewery murals — Stowe, Vt.

Located at 100 Cottage Club Road, the Alchemist Brewery and Visitors Center offers prime opportunities for interesting pictures along with their beverages. Between the grayscale, geometric silo outside and two black and white murals on the ceiling, this place is definitely Instagram-ready.

What do you like to share on Instagram? Selfies? Funny videos? Artsy walls? Tell us in the comments.

To see even more Instagram-worthy walls in the Northeast, check out the slideshow below.

  • ARCY's turtle mural in Wallingford, Vt. Artist: ARCY Source:


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