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10 Awesome AAA Hertz Perks

This year, AAA is proud to be celebrating 40 years of partnering with Hertz, one of the world’s most reputable car rental companies.

“As AAA’s longest-tenured partner, Hertz shares the association’s commitment to providing our members with exceptional value and service,” said Rick Del Nero, AAA Northeast vice president of travel. The two companies are proud of all the work they’ve done to make car rentals cheaper, faster, and more fun for AAA members with exclusive AAA Hertz perks.

It all began when AAA decided to provide its members enhanced value when renting with Hertz at the airport. 15 years later, AAA declared Hertz as its exclusive car rental partner and in 1998, the program expanded to include off-airport rental locations. Today, the partnership encompasses a plethora of benefits and savings.

Here’s our top 10 list of AAA Hertz perks.

1. Exclusive rates and discounts

As a AAA member, you can save up to 20 percent on daily, weekly, weekend or monthly Hertz rentals. These discounts can also be used with promotional and international rates. Members also receive a discounted AAA Hertz rate available at the time of reservation.

2. No more young renter’s fee

Young car renters get a bad rap. Drivers ages 18 through 24 are considered high-risk, so many car rental companies exclude anyone under 25. Companies like Hertz have done away with arbitrary rental rules.

3. No fee for additional drivers

Anyone who’s taken a road trip knows how helpful another driver can be during long stretches of travel. Usually, you need to pay an extra fee to authorize additional drivers, but not if you’re a AAA member. When renting with Hertz, there is no charge for additional drivers who are also AAA members. Spouses and domestic partners of AAA members can be added as drivers at no additional cost.

4. Free child or infant booster seat

Booster seats can cost up to $15 per day when reserving a rental. Hertz offers a free car seat option for AAA members. No more lugging around that bulky booster seat on your journeys!

5. 10 percent off a full tank of gas

With Hertz, you can purchase a tank of gas when renting, eliminating the need for you to refuel when returning the car. AAA members get 10 percent off a tank of gas if they choose this option.

aaa hertz

6. Free unlimited mileage on most rentals

When you rent a car, many rental companies will also charge you for mileage. AAA members receive free unlimited mileage on most vehicles.

7. $10 discount on NeverLost navigational system

The goal behind Hertz’s in-car navigational system is self-explanatory: making sure drivers never get lost again. NeverLost is the perfect traveling companion, providing AAA ratings on hotels and restaurants. AAA members can enjoy the feature for just $6.99 a day.

8. 50 percent discount on SiriusXM satellite radio

Don’t doom yourself to hours of talk radio. AAA members receive half off on SiriusXM satellite radio when renting with Hertz. Listen to music, sports, comedy and everything in between. There’s something for everyone, which comes in handy when the kids are kicking the back of your seat.

9. Ride in style

Are you dreaming of a drop-top? With Hertz Dream Cars Collection, you’re not limited to old vans or four-door sedans. Turn heads while you travel and rent a ride with some style.

10. Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

As a member of AAA, you can enjoy Hertz’s premier frequent renter program for free. Plus, receive bonus points that amount to one free rental day for AAA Basic members and two free weekend rental days for Premier members. The perks don’t stop there, either. Members can earn up to 25 percent more bonus points on multiple rentals within the calendar year.

The AAA Hertz collaboration benefits members with deals and savings, but it’s about doing what’s best for drivers everywhere. Part of their dedication to drivers includes offering comprehensive rental car insurance. Read up to learn how to protect yourself from unforeseen accidents and figure out which policies work for you.

The two companies have also partnered on distracted driving awareness campaigns to support a safe travel experience.

“Hertz and AAA share similar goals in delivering excellent service and ensuring people have safe and enjoyable travel experiences,” said Kathryn V. Marinello, president and chief executive officer of Hertz. “We are honored to be celebrating this partnership and are especially proud to continue offering best-in-class service.”

For four decades, AAA and Hertz have built a relationship based on what’s best for their customers. Their efforts are exemplified through the unique benefits they offer as well as the enormous good they do for drivers everywhere.

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