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Why You Should Take an RV Road Trip

rv road trip

Road trips are a great way to have your own adventure across America’s roads. Take your expedition to the next level by making it an RV road trip.

Why an RV Road Trip?

Taking an RV road trip is almost completely different to taking one in your car.

First of all, you and your family will probably have a lot more room to spread out in an RV, alleviating the stresses of being in the same car with each other for hours on end. You don’t have to worry about scoping out hotels and motels along your route in advance – you already have a clean and safe space to sleep in your RV. You also don’t have to rely on rest stop food if you have your own little kitchen on wheels.

If you had already been planning on camping, RVs can make the experience a lot easier. You get to visit scenic sites across the country without the hassle of putting up a tent and taking it down when you’re finished.

There’s also a lot of camaraderie that comes with traveling in an RV. You’re bound to meet other road-trippers at RV parks, campsites and roadside attractions, and you can swap tips and tricks for how to make your trip one to remember. You can also find RV communities online if you want to connect after your road trip is over (or before your road trip to get some insider information).

Before heading out, review these RV safety and insurance tips. You can also directions plan your road trip with the help of AAA’s travel guides

rv road trip

Should You Rent an RV for a Road Trip? 

Have you decided you want to go RVing? Great! The second choice you need to make is whether you should rent an RV for a road trip, or buy one to keep. RVs are a hot commodity – shipments of RVs were up by 40% in January 2021, with no sign that they’ll slow down anytime soon. 11.2 million households own an RV, with more planning on getting an RV in the future.

Before you rent or buy an RV, you should learn about the different styles and sizes that might fit you and your family best. There are many types of RVs, but here are the three that you’re most likely to encounter. They also don’t require the addition of a pickup truck.

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  • Class A: At 26-45 feet, it’s the biggest motorized RV, with top-shelf amenities like a bathroom, a kitchen, and lots of sleep and storage space. They’re limited on where they can drive due to their large size, and they have low fuel efficiency.
  • Class B: Also called “camper vans,” Class B can be 17-23 feet. It’s the smallest of the three, with good fuel economy. It’s also easier for drivers who don’t have much experience with RVs, though it’s a little cramped inside.
  • Class C: The mid-sized Class C is 20-30 feet, making it smaller than a Class A, but bigger than a Class B. It’s the best of both worlds, and usually comes with a bathroom, kitchenette and sleeping areas.

If you’re planning on taking frequent road trips, buying an RV might be the move for you. Most owners use their RV around 20 days out of every year. If you’re thinking on road-tripping a similar amount, it will be more cost-effective in the long run to buy.

Protect your RV with specialty insurance through AAA.

Have you ever taken an RV road trip? What was it like? Would you do it again? Tell us your story in the comments below!


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10 Thoughts on “Why You Should Take an RV Road Trip

  1. RVing is a great way to see the Country, If you can try to tow a car with you for shorter trips. Also keep in mind and be careful as you are wearing a target on your back. Thieves know you are carrying you’re Valuables with you and will be watching You.

  2. Would love to rent an RV but learning all the hookups, water, electric , sewage is very intimidating. any suggestions?

    1. I was as well and then we just bought a class C a month ago. I took a lot of notes on what to do about everything and we just did our first dump. It is definitely learnable!! And not as bad as I thought. Don’t let fear stop you.

  3. We owned a 26′ motorhome for 25 years and went on many trips,from Cape Breton to Arizona, Utah and Glacier National Park. It is the best way to travel and see the US. Get off the highways and travel the secondary roads.

  4. What about small trailers? RVs use quite a lot of gas and certainly are not terribly fun to drive. Hard to keep in a city as well

  5. I’ve owned a travel trailer for almost 20 years. I have met so many great people on the road and visited many amazing landmarks and campgrounds. It’s also been a wonderful way to go to NASCAR races. I got the opportunity to purchase a trailer much earlier in life than ever expected and thrilled I did. I now have countless memories that i wasn’t expecting until retirement.

  6. I am thinking of renting a mid size van for wife and dog to visit ntl park on off season. I would fly to a state and rent a van there. when finished fly back to NY with dog.
    Is there any infotmation about this?

  7. I would love to be able to afford a RV rental one day it’s always been a dream of mine to take my family on a two week road trip and with the Lord’s Prayer it just might happen one day

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