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dental coverage

7 Reasons You Need Dental Coverage

Don’t risk going without dental insurance. Simple, affordable plans are available exclusively for AAA Northeast members in Rhode Island.

types of art therapy

Types of Art Therapy and Its Benefits

Can something as simple as painting soothe depression symptoms or keep your mind sharp? An expert weighs in.

driving anxiety

How to Overcome Driving Anxiety & Travel Stress

Do you experience nerves or fear when driving or flying? Travel anxieties are common but there are methods to manage them.

pet-friendly restaurants

20 Pet-Friendly Restaurants & Hotels in the Northeast

Want to get out but don’t want to leave your dog at home? Four-legged friends are welcome at these destinations.

united kingdom tour

5 Fantastic Ways to Explore Ireland and the United Kingdom

From bustling English cities to rolling Irish hills, the British Isles are welcoming you toward your next adventure.

family friendly florida

9 Family-Friendly Florida Trips

Pack up the swimsuits and sunscreen and bring the whole family to the Sunshine State.

capitol building

7 Exciting US Tours to Consider for Your Next Vacation

Spend a full trip exploring amazing cities, from the skyscrapers of Manhattan to the honky-tonks of Nashville,

dry tortugas

Hidden Gems: 5 Florida Beaches That Offer Sweet Seclusion

Discover the quiet haven you’ve been craving at these Florida beaches.

7 Adventures Waiting for You in Florida

Florida is more than just beach lounging. You’ll find inland and water sports aplenty in the Sunshine State.

westchester holidays

The Magic of the Holidays in Westchester County

Here are 10 ways to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year in Westchester County.