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Recharge on a Wellness Vacation in Puerto Rico

puerto rico

Puerto Rico is the the perfect destination to get back in touch with nature – and yourself. Besides soaking up the sun on the island’s beautiful beaches and dipping in the tranquil Caribbean Sea, Puerto Rico offers a wealth of wellness opportunities to clear your mind, restore your body and reenergize your spirit.


Decadence and natural beauty are what set Puerto Rico’s spas apart. The Well & Being Spa at Fairmont El San Juan Hotel offers personalized wellness and nutrition programs and the Copamarina’s Ni Spa’s atmosphere reflects the Caribbean Sea’s tranquility and indigenous Taíno culture. An 80-minute massage on the spa’s floating gazebo is bliss.  

Discover more of Puerto Rico’s top spas.

Rejuvenate in Puerto Rico

Unwind and reset your body and soul among the beauty and magic of this amazing island.

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Resorts With Wellness Experiences

While you can easily relax on one of its idyllic beaches, Puerto Rico also boasts a multitude of wellness experiences, with resorts offering yoga flows, fitness classes, morning meditations, massage treatments inspired by ancient healing rituals, rooftop workouts, nature tours and more.

Ready to unwind and rejuvenate? Learn more.

puerto rico

Not-Your-Typical Yoga, Gyms

What could be more invigorating than yoga in the great outdoors? Whether it’s on a beach, floating on a paddleboard or surrounded by a tropical forest, Puerto Rico has plenty of opportunities for that, not to mention modern gyms.

Find yoga sites and gyms that fit your style.

Vegan and Organic Foods

Vegans and organic food afficionados will have no trouble finding mouth-watering meals. The farm-to-table movement has taken hold in Puerto Rico, and numerous restaurants and bars feature local fruits and vegetables and meatless versions of popular native dishes. For those who abstain from alcohol, mocktails are plentiful, offering tasty sips minus the alcohol.

Explore organic and healthful food and drink options.

puerto rico

Outdoor Experiences

For some people, just spending time in nature is a prescription for wellness. Visit El Yunque National Forest, the only tropical rainforest in the U.S., where you can dive into clear pools, admire the native greenery or go hiking.

Explore more options for connecting with nature.

Start planning your Puerto Rico wellness vacation today.


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