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10 Affordable Ideas for Date Night on a Budget

date night on a budget
budget wise

While there is a time and place for grand gestures of love and romance, not every date has to involve champagne and red roses. Here are 10 ideas for date night on a budget to keep you entertained, laughing and learning together, all while staying on track financially. Talk about couple’s goals!

Volunteer Together

The couple that volunteers together, stays together. Plan a charitable outing with your boo doing something you’re both passionate about. Can’t agree? Switch off with your partner on choosing these date nights once a month. Whether it’s walking adorable dogs at a shelter, playing games with the elderly at a nursing home or picking up trash on the beach, you can easily get to know someone better with this date night on a budget.

Mix it Up!

Play bartenders and recreate your favorite restaurant cocktails at home. Because let’s be honest, paying for drinks at a restaurant adds up quickly. If you’re feeling fancy, try the Le Fizz or get cozy with this Fireside cocktail. Both recipes have five or less ingredients, making them cost effective and easy to make over date night conversation. Don’t drink alcohol? Try a mocktail instead.

Get Physical

Heat up date night (literally) with a partner workout. You can motivate each other as you reach your health goals together. Plus, exercise releases those feel-good chemicals.

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Dream Together

Goal setting may not sound like the most romantic date night, but give it a chance. Simply write down your goals for the month, year or even for five years down the line. This is a great way to open up with each other and learn about your better half, whether it’s a new relationship or you’ve been married for years. Chat about your lists over a fun board game, or get outside and discuss while stargazing.

Take a Tour

What do you and your partner appreciate and want to learn more about? Think outside the box. Go on a pizza tour or movie location tour (either professional or self-guided), or take an informational walk through a nearby garden, historical house, library or farm. Some tours are completely free and many others offer discounts.

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Food Kits

If you like learning new skills in the kitchen, consider trying your hand at cheese or pickle making. These DIY kits range from $30-$40 and will leave you and your companion hungry to try another recipe soon.

date night on a budget

Get Crafty

By now you probably know that you can learn almost anything on YouTube, but it could also help you put together a creative date night on a budget. Set up an at-home paint and sip with a guided video tutorial. Whether it’s painting, sculpting or origami, making something together could be a great bonding experience, and craft supplies are relatively inexpensive.

Dance Class

Two words: “Dirty Dancing.” What can be more romantic than learning how to dance with your partner? Search “free dance class near me” online right now and see what pops up near you. From tango to salsa, it’s a surefire way to spice up date night!

Say “Cheese”!

Plan a fun bike riding date or hop on a free ferry and take photos with your cell phone or a Polaroid camera. There is something old-school romantic about using a Polaroid and printing your cute couple’s photos instantly. Make a scrapbook with your snaps or try one of these creative ways to display them.

Laugh a Little

Laughing together is always a good idea. Go roller skating, stop into a show at a local comedy club or pretend you’re kids for an hour at Sky Zone, an indoor trampoline park with locations throughout the Northeast. You’ll both be cracking up in no time.

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Share your favorite date night on a budget in the comments below!


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