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AAA Trainer: Get Your Kicks at Recess

Besides being fun, recess is a great way for schoolkids to release pent-up energy during the day.

It also helps children build social skills, improve their health through physical activity, and learn through unstructured play, according to the Council on School Health.

Despite all the benefits, only four states – Connecticut, Indiana, Missouri and Virginia – require recess in elementary schools. Eight states require students to participate in physical activity, whether in the form of recess, gym class or extracurricular sports, while the other 38 states and don’t require physical education in their curricula.

Here are some classic recess activities and their benefits, both physical and mental.

1. Kickball

Burns approximately 300 calories per hour, encourages team-building and socialization.

2. Hopscotch

Improves balance, coordination, leg strength and strategic thinking, burns 170 calories in 30 minutes.

3. Jumping rope

Burns around 230 calories a half-hour, improves coordination, motor skills and camaraderie.

4. Touch football

Builds social skills through team-building, burns over 200 calories in 30 minutes.

5. Swinging

Burns nearly 100 calories in a half-hour, develops balance and promotes social interaction.

Any new exercise routines should be approached with caution. Consider your physical limitations and always consult your doctors.

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