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Beat Back Jet Lag

Beat Back Jet Lag

Whether you’re traveling for fun or to get stuff done, a change in time zones and schedules can make it challenging to keep up your energy level. The following tips can help.

Getting a good night’s sleep is an obvious start.

Deploy those hotel blackout curtains – and try a technology blackout as well – to create a sleep-inducing environment. Blue light from a laptop, smartphone or TV can mess up your body’s natural rhythms. Naps are usually a no-no but might be fine if you haven’t slept well at night.

“Your body will let you know,” said Dr. Neil Klein of the American Sleep Association.

Healthful travel snacks can fuel an energy boost.

Registered dietitian nutritionist Vandana Sheth, of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, reaches for whole-grain bread with nut butter, high-fiber trail mix or fresh fruit for a pick-me-up.

“If I have access to a cooler, then I take nonfat Greek yogurt as a snack,” she said.

Drinking water helps maintain energy. Coffee drinks can provide a quick boost – in moderation and before 2 p.m.

Exercise can energize.

Personal trainer Ted Vickey, senior adviser for fitness technology at the American Council on Exercise, recommends apps that can keep you moving. Try MapMyWalk (free for both iPhone and Android) to help you reach your daily step goal. Or roll out your mat and take advantage of custom yoga routines from Gain Yoga (free, iPhone only).

Resting up, fueling up and getting exercise, will give you the energy you need for work and play.


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