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Test Drive: Crossover SUVs

If the sign of a maturing market segment is diversity, the humble crossover SUV is all grown up. Here are two distinctly different models that illustrate our point.

Test Drive: Electric Avenue

Electric cars have been around for more than a century, but they’re currently enjoying a second heyday, with dozens of new models on the way. Here are two of the best you can buy today:

Test Drive: Off-Roading in Style

There are places in this world where ‘roads’ on the map are mere suggestions. Here are two SUVs that are likely up for such a trip.

Test Drive: “Born In The USA” Pickups

Think you know an all-American pickup when you see one? These days you have choices — like this pair of distinctly different homegrown pickups:

Test Drive: The Anti-SUVs

Some of us still like to play in the dirt, which presents an automotive conundrum: How to find a vehicle fit for everyday driving that’s still up for a little weekend exploring? These two “anti-SUVs” are excellent solutions.

Test Drive Hyundai Ioniq

Test Drive: Maximum MPG

The average automobile returns about 25 miles per gallon. Here’s a pair of not-so-exotic vehicles pushing the boundaries of fuel efficiency.

Test Drive:Nissan Versa

Test Drive: Fab Four-Doors

Carmakers haven’t totally abandoned traditional automotive body-styles. Despite the demise of several high-profile nameplates, there are still a number of fabulous four-doors on the market.

Test Drive: Honda Civic Type R

Test Drive: Turning It up to ‘11’

In “This Is Spinal Tap,” a character brags that their amplifiers go to “11” instead of just 10. That same philosophy applies to cars when automakers take performance to the next level.

Test Drive: Honda CR-V

Test Drive: Old & New

One of the odd qualities of the human psyche is our attraction to both the old and familiar and the new and novel. Just like we’re equally drawn to opposite ends of the spectrum in the automotive world.

Test Drive: Buick Encore GX

Test Drive: Small but Stylish

Say what you will about the music of Prince, there’s no denying the man – all 5 feet, 3 inches of him – had style. Apply that same logic to automobiles and you’ll find you don’t need to drive something big to turn heads.

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