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connecticut seat belt law

Connecticut’s New Seat Belt Law Goes Into Effect Oct. 1

The new law requires everyone in a vehicle to wear a seat belt, including those in the back seat.


Tea Time! A Guide to Teas and Their Health Benefits

Let’s spill the tea about one of the world’s most popular beverages.

state police

Joining Forces With State Police Units for Shifting Gears Program

AAA Northeast is partnering with local State Police to educate young people on the effects marijuana has on driving.

things to do without internet

Things to Do Without Internet During a Power Outage

Hurricane season is peak time for power outages. Spend your time unplugged in creative, constructive and fun ways.

how to recycle properly

A Quick Guide on How To Recycle Properly

Are you recycling the right way? Knowing how to recycle common household items takes us one step closer to a cleaner planet.

history in saratoga new york

Explore the History of Saratoga, New York

Saratoga is more than just racing. National landmarks, museums and other notable sites abound in this historic gem of upstate New York.

restaurant forager

Local Restaurant Foragers Search to Bring Freshness to the Table

Foraging is more than a fad. Restaurant foragers bring a new, exciting variety of wild plants to restaurant menus.

most beautiful places in the Northeast

The 10 Most Beautiful Places in the Northeast

From lush forests and flowing waterfalls to hike-worthy mountains and glimmering lakes, discover our region’s most awe-inspiring scenic spots.


Hiker’s Guide to Fall Foliage in North Central Mass.

Hikers of various skill levels can discover some amazing autumn views in North Central Massachusetts.

nondairy milk options

Got (Plant-Based) Milk? A Guide to Nondairy Milk Options

Plant-based milks can be made from nuts, legumes, grains and more – but which type is right for you?