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5 Questions With … Christine Spinella

5 Questions With … Christine Spinella

Christine Spinella is all about getting down to business. Literally.

The business development coordinator joined AAA in February 2020, right before our offices went into lockdown. But whether she’s working from home or in the Garden City office, Christine is always driving revenue for the Marketing department.

The role is a perfect fit for Christine, who studied business marketing at Molloy College, graduating in 2019. She then worked as an intern at the Michael Magro Foundation, a nonprofit focused on bettering the lives of children with cancer, where she helped organize fundraising, shot video interviews with donors and ran the foundation’s social media accounts during large events.

Today, Christine plays a key role in selling advertising in Your AAA magazine and on Your AAA Network, while developing dashboards to measure each advertiser’s performance.  And as the days turn sunnier, her thoughts also drift to her own performance on the beach volleyball courts.

Q: What’s the best vacation you ever took? And do you have a favorite souvenir from it?

Going to Sicily with my college was one of the best vacations I went on. We visited Catania, Taormina and Mount Etna while I was there. It was such a special trip for me personally since my ancestors were from Catania. One of the coolest souvenirs from the trip was a miniature figure made from the volcanic rock from one of Mount Etna’s eruptions.

Q: What’s your favorite music to blast or sing to when nobody’s watching?

My favorite music to blast recently is more like a “Today’s Pop Hits” playlist. One of my more recent favorite artists is Olivia Rodrigo, climbing in popularity due to one of her first songs, “Driver’s License.” She’s a young singer and I’m excited to see her grow.

Q:  What are you looking forward to the most about this summer?

I’m looking forward to playing beach volleyball this summer in Long Beach, N.Y.! I play in a summer league every year with my friends and unfortunately it was canceled last summer due to COVID. I’m looking forward to continuing our yearly tradition and making great memories in the process. It’s truly a great time to get together with friends, meet new people and play my favorite sport.

Q: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received, and who gave it to you?

For me this is hard to pinpoint to exactly one example but my parents are definitely the ones I’ve always gone to for advice. I really appreciate their input and different viewpoints in every situation.

Q: Iced coffee or iced tea, and why?

Iced coffee. I love having iced coffee. Whether making it at home, going to chain coffee shops or smaller, more local coffee shops, it is something I enjoy daily. I’m also the type of person to get an iced coffee during any time of the year (even in freezing temperatures outside over the winter months!).

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