5 Questions With … Tabitha Pereira


As a self-described wanderer with a penchant for communications, Tabitha Pereira is right where she wants to be.

As the marketing coordinator for Travel, Tabitha collaborates with sales and other stakeholders to create, distribute and track the department’s email campaigns.

This focus on written communications is a natural fit for Tabitha, who boasts a strong writing background. She graduated with a dual degree in journalism and marketing from the University of Rhode Island in 2018. And while there, she interned with both Rhode Island Monthly magazine and The Rhode Show, a local show broadcast on WPRI.

Upon graduation, she quickly put her scribe skills to work … on the other side of the world! Tabitha started her career with a three-month stint in Thailand, as a marketing intern for Xplore Asia. After that experience, and prior to joining AAA Northeast in December 2020, she also spent time as a copywriter at Collette.

While Tabitha spends her days navigating sophisticated email software, she often finds herself instead daydreaming of a simpler time, when people rented movies or, further back, did the Lindy Hop while drinking bootleg gin.

Q: If you invented a time machine, would you go to the future or past? Where (and when) would you visit?
I would go back in time to the Roaring ’20s. I’ve always been fascinated with this time period and I would love to do the Charleston and dance ’til I drop in a speakeasy!

Q: If you were to open a store or restaurant, what would you sell?
Can I please go back in time for this question too? I’m a huge movie and pop culture fan so I would love to open a Hollywood Video or Blockbuster store! Some of my favorite childhood memories were spent on a Friday night after school looking through movies with my family. Of course, I would also sell all the movie snacks and treats, as well. You can’t forget those!

Q: What is one song you know all of the words to?
“What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction. I’m a sucker for a Boy Band pop hit!

Q: If you were a pirate, what would you name your ship?
I would name my ship The Wanderer. I love traveling and exploring and I would see my pirate ship as my travel buddy! We would be wandering the seas together.

Q: What would people be surprised to learn about you?
People might be surprised to learn that I have lived in Thailand. I packed my bags after college and lived there for a few months for a marketing internship. I still think of the “Land of Smiles” as a home away from home.

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